Non healing anterior calf ulcers. Wonder why? 🤔 #irad loves to #stopthechop
Atherectomy w @PhilipsHealth Phoenix, command in AT, angioplasty. Ulcers will resolve!
Annotation game needs help but still... @SIRRFS @JVIRmedia @Watts_IR @pa_vascularinst

S/p nonhealing left hallux amp with no prior vascular imaging. Pulseless, erythematous foot, too tender to touch. ABI 0.0. #irad WILL #StopTheChop #CLIFighters #HowYouLikeThemAnnotations @kmadass and @ajgunnmd? #OutpatientPAD @pa_vascularinst @Mustapja @SDhandMD @Drshiloh


Kyphoplasty is a procedure used to correct bone deformities and alleviate the pain associated with spinal compression fractures. Through non-invasive measures like this, patients can be back on their feet in no time.

Wheelchair bound patient with right foot tissue loss for 6 months. IR working below the knee with impressive wound healing in just 3 weeks. #stopthechop #CLIfighters #irad @pa_vascularinst @Watts_IR @Drshiloh


Spider veins affect 50% of the population, especially women. While they’re not dangerous, they can be unsightly. Contact the PA Vascular Institute for a consultation.

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