Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatment in king of prussiaBack pain can dramatically impact your quality of life. Anyone can develop back pain, no matter how active or healthy the lifestyle. The discomfort can grow so unbearable that you find it difficult to engage in even the most basic of daily activities. At the PA Vascular Institute, we offer minimally invasive back pain treatment that will help reduce and eliminate pain, allowing you to move forward with your life.

Whatever the cause may be, back pain can greatly hinder you. This pain can serve as a symptom of any number of conditions. Compression fractures, for example, damage the bones in your spine, causing great discomfort and hindering movement. By definition, these fractures are injuries that cause vertebral bones in the spine to decrease at least 15-20%.

Compression fractures can be caused by osteoporosis, trauma (injuries, car accidents), or cancer. If these problems have resulted in compression fractures or another serious back problem, it’s important to get treatment right away to prevent further damage.

Whether or not compression fractures prove to be the source of your back pain, hesitating to contact a medical professional could easily cause your condition to worsen and become more difficult to treat. To relieve back pain of any kind and eliminate the root of the problem, visit the PA Vascular Institute for quick and attentive care.

Back Pain

We offer kyphoplasty and many other minimally invasive procedures that can address compression fractures and relieve back pain. Through an innovative technique involving the inflation of a balloon-like instrument, we can open and fill bones with a medication that helps to relieve pain. With the insertion of a small needle, a specialist can fill the affected vertebra with a cement-like substance that repairs fractures, ultimately addressing the source of your back problems.

This minimally invasive, outpatient procedure allows you to resume your day-to-day activities in short order. In addition to kyphoplasty, we offer many other procedures to relieve back pain caused by a wide range of factors other than compression fractures. With the PA Vascular Institute, you no longer need to worry about back pain keeping you down for the count. To ask us questions or schedule an appointment, call us today.