Cancer Care

At the PA Vascular Institute, we strive to offer patients thorough and attentive healthcare at all times. This is especially important than with the treatment of cancer. This disease often poses a major threat to your well-being and quality of life. When you receive a cancer diagnosis, you need medical professionals that you trust to keep your best interests in mind.

Historically, doctors have struggled to treat and cure cancerous diseases. Modern medicine, however, has developed numerous effective treatments and procedures that can prove incredibly effective. While medical science continues to study and learn more about cancer, we can utilize the innovative treatments and medications it has developed in the meantime.

Ground-breaking Treatments. A Clinic that Cares.

The PA Vascular Institute has the honor of being the top-rated clinic of its kind in Pennsylvania. We have earned this distinction due to our dedication to employing the latest and greatest cancer treatment techniques and procedures at our medical centers. Just a few of these methods include:

  • IVC Filters – “IVC” refers to the inferior vena cava, a vein that brings deoxygenated blood from the lower body back up to the heart. These filters help to prevent blood clots traveling from the limbs into the heart, which would otherwise often cause catastrophic results. Cancer patients are especially vulnerable to this phenomenon due to the nature of their treatment.
  • SIR-Spheres – Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) serves as an especially useful form of cancer treatment due to the way it isolates and destroys cancer cells. In this treatment, a specialist administers SIR-Spheres – radioactive microspheres made of glass or resin – to the affected areas. The spheres then travel through the body’s arteries, ultimately resting in the small veins present in cancerous tumors, cutting off their blood flow and destroying them. Patients with a colon cancer diagnosis typically benefit the most from this kind of therapy.
  • Therasphere – This treatment closely resembles SIR-Sphere treatment in that it consists of injecting radioactive microspheres into the body to destroy cancerous tumors. However, this method specifically targets liver cancer, eliminating cancer cells while causing minimal harm to healthy liver tissue.

The medical professionals in our clinic have devoted themselves to providing the best healthcare possible. For additional questions about our cancer treatments or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.