Deciding if Uterine Fibroid Embolization Is Right for You

If you’re one of the many women who has been diagnosed with uterine fibroids, you’ll be happy to know there are many treatment options for you to consider. Here at the PA Vascular Institute, our doctors will provide the treatment you need to resolve fibroid problems so you can get your health back on the right track. Fibroids are the most frequently seen tumors of the female reproductive system, but luckily, more than 99 percent of the time they are non-cancerous.

Even though most fibroids are benign, they can range in size from as small as a pea to as a large as a softball. If you’ve experienced pelvic pressure, heavy periods, constipation, or urinary frequency, these are all symptoms associated with uterine fibroids. Our team of doctors and specialists can sit down with you during a consultation to determine if uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) is right for you. Continue reading to find out if UFE is right for you.

Key Points To Remember When Considering UFE

Your personal feelings regarding uterine fibroid embolization are just as important as the medical facts. There are many questions that our doctors will ask you when determining if your UFE is right for you. For instance, if you prefer not to have surgery or take hormones for your fibroids, UFE treatment could be right you. Conversely, if you plan on getting pregnant after fibroid treatment, our doctors may recommend another treatment method. All these questions and more will be discussed when consulting with our talented specialists.

Uterine fibroid embolization is minimally invasive, which make it a preferable treatment for many women across the area. Also, if you are looking for a treatment option with a lower complication rate and reductions in pain and blood loss, UFE could be right for you.

Consult With The Area’s Best Specialists

Patients who undergo UFE treatment at our leg vein treatment center near Lehigh Valley, PA, will typically go home the same day of their treatments. Many women are able to resume light activity within 24 to 48 hours and can enjoy regular activities in as little as a week.

To learn more about how our spider vein treatment center in Lehigh Valley can help you decide if UFE is right for you, call our team today!