Know the Facts About PAD: Peripheral Artery Disease Fact Sheet

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a rather common circulatory condition that is characterized by reduced blood flow to the limbs, typically caused by plaque build-up in the walls of the arteries. The disease can cause severe pain to diagnosed individuals as well as muscle cramping in the thighs, calves, or hips when walking or exercising.

At PA Vascular Institute, we offer healthy lifestyle recommendations and minimally-invasive treatment options for patients with peripheral artery disease in King of Prussia and throughout the region. With September being PAD Awareness Month, we felt compelled to encourage our patients and everyone else in our region to share information about the disease, so anyone affected can understand their affliction and know where to go to get help.

In this post, we’ll share our knowledge about Peripheral Artery Disease and how those who have or think they might have it can find relief for their symptoms.

What is PAD?

PAD is a chronic, potentially life-threatening vascular disease that causes blood vessels to narrow, leading to poor circulation from the heart to the extremities. Typically affecting the lower limbs, PAD can result from arterial inflammation, calcium, cholesterol, or scar tissue buildup that create plaque deposits in the veins and decrease blood flow.

Know the Facts

While PAD is a serious health concern for many Americans over the age of 50 especially, relatively few understand the cause for concern. Below is an infographic that might help illuminate the severity of the issue.

What You Can Do For PAD Awareness Month

This September, you can help spread awareness of the disease by starting the conversation with loved ones ages 50 and above. Ask if they have heard of PAD and if they know the symptoms to watch for. If they might be experiencing symptoms of the disease, share more information on the subject and encourage them to schedule an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.

As Philadelphia’s vascular specialists, we offer peripheral artery disease treatments for patients from Lehigh Valley, PA, to Philadelphia. If you or a loved one needs a consultation with a medical expert for their PAD, have them contact PA Vascular Institute today.