Port Placement Doctors

When doctors need repeated access to a patient’s veins, they sometimes recommend port placement. This vascular access procedure gives doctors an easy and painless way to draw blood or administer nutrients and medication. After this simple procedure, patients no longer need to endure needle after needle during their treatment period.

The PA Vascular Institute is the top-rated vascular center in PA and for a good reason. We strive to offer the most effective and convenient healthcare possible while practicing minimally invasive methods. Techniques like port placement allow our doctors to provide patients with a greater degree of comfort as they undergo their treatments and therapies. If you are in need of port placement in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, PA, or any of the surrounding areas, look no further than our state-of-the-art clinic.

What is a vascular access procedure?

In this procedure, a medical professional places a catheter – a hollow, thin plastic tube – into the patient’s jugular vein. A port about the size of a quarter is placed entirely underneath the skin, typically in the upper body. This acts as a small reservoir connected to the catheter that allows for the introduction of medication or nutrients or the drawing of blood through a silicone membrane. Although this will still involve a needle, ports offer a more comfortable alternative to the frequent “needle sticks” that patients would typically need to endure.

What benefits does port placement provide?

port placement doctors in allentownBesides giving doctors and patients a more convenient method of administering blood tests and medication, this procedure offers many advantages.

  • Ports can stay in place for anywhere from a few weeks to several years. Some ports can even be permanent.
  • Ports reduce pain and eliminate the need for medical professionals to find a suitable vein on the patient’s arm.
  • Because medications directly enter a significant vein, they quickly become diluted by the blood, allowing for faster absorption and minimizing tissue damage. This proves especially advantageous for chemotherapy treatments.
  • Multiple medications or treatments can be administered at the same time with ports that possess multiple chambers.

What do I need to do before the procedure?

As with most surgical procedures, it is recommended that you eat only a light meal the evening before. You will likely be instructed not to ingest any food or water after midnight. You should also be sure to inform your doctor of any medications or supplement that you are taking, as well as any allergies that you may have. There may also be special considerations if you are pregnant or diabetic. Lastly, secure a ride home from the clinic.

What can I expect during this procedure?

The procedure is performed by a vascular specialist. They apply local anesthesia to the area while maintaining sterile conditions. Using ultrasound, the specialist finds the optimal puncture site. They then make a small incision, insert the catheter into the vein, and install the port. Once everything is in place, the specialist closes the incision with sutures.

What can I expect after a port placement?

You will likely experience some discomfort, tenderness, or swelling in the affected area for a few days. Your specialist or doctor will also give you special instructions that include avoiding getting the port area wet or lifting heavy objects for about a week. To ensure success, carefully listen and follow any special guidance provided to you by these medical professionals.

Port removal usually proves to be even easier than the initial placement, involving little or no local anesthesia and stitches to close the incision once more.

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