TheraSphere Treatment

The liver is the body’s largest internal organ. Humans cannot live without their liver, as it performs many vital functions. The liver can:

  • Secrete bile into your intestines to absorb nutrients
  • Break down, store, and metabolize nutrients absorbed from the intestines
  • Keep you from bleeding too much when you are injured or cut
  • Break down alcohol, drugs, and toxic waste in your blood

When the liver is not functioning properly, several life-threatening conditions may develop. Alcohol use or abuse, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C can all cause cirrhosis, a chronic liver disease. However, these factors are not the only conditions that can lead to this disease. Other dietary and lifestyle factors also have an impact on liver health.

What is Liver Cancer?

therasphere for cancer of the liver in lehigh valley paMost people that receive a liver cancer diagnosis already possess a certain degree of cirrhosis. Liver cancer, otherwise known as hepatic cancer, causes the liver to gradually fail through the formation of tumors. Rates of liver cancer are rising in the United States in correlation with the increase in cirrhosis diagnoses.

Primary liver cancer occurs when liver cells cease to function normally. These cells can become destructive as they spread to other areas on and around the liver.

To prevent liver failure and the proliferation of cancer cells throughout the rest of the body, it is important to get it diagnosed so as to begin treatment as soon as possible. Symptoms of liver cancer typically do not form until its later stages, so it is important to get screenings regularly.

Liver Cancer Treatment

After your doctor makes a liver cancer diagnosis, they will explain all of your treatment options. These may include radiation and embolization, minimally invasive methods that work to periodically reduce damage caused by the cancerous cells.

Sometimes, however, these treatments are not effective enough to remove the cancer. Where other methods fail, TheraSphere treatment may prove effective. This non-invasive, high-dosage option comes with minimal side effects and has cured many cases of liver cancer.

At the PA Vascular Institute, our radiologists are certified to offer TheraSphere treatment to patients suffering from liver cancer. We treat patients who live in King of Prussia, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, and the surrounding PA areas. For reliable and minimally invasive liver cancer treatment or SIRT colon cancer treatment, contact PA Vascular Institute to learn how we can treat your condition and help you along your road to recovery.

What is TheraSphere Treatment?

TheraSphere treatment is an outpatient procedure designed specifically for liver cancer. This convenient radiation therapy technique uses the tumor’s blood supply to deliver the treatment directly into the tumor.

A specialist inserts medication directly into the hepatic artery through a catheter in the upper leg. Small radioactive microspheres enter the tumor directly, coming to rest in its small blood vessels. The radiation destroys the tumor cells from within while minimally impacting healthy liver tissue.

TheraSphere delivers these potent doses directly into cancerous tumors without compromising the patient’s safety. This treatment has saved the lives of many cancer patients when other methods proved to be impossible or ineffective.

Treatment From PA Vascular Institute

This innovative method of radiation exposure injects a higher dosage directly into the source, yielding powerful results. Therasphere provides an ingenious alternative to surgery and other invasive and uncomfortable procedures. At the PA Vascular Institute, we offer TheraSphere treatment to those who live in Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, and many other areas throughout PA.

To learn more about TheraSphere treatment or the other services we provide, like IVC placement, contact the PA Vascular Institute today.